Meet the Girls

Meet Lauren

Hey guys! I'm Lauren. I am the owner of Poppyed. I have three beautiful children: Raymond, Penny and Winnie. I have a very supportive husband Ray who pushes me to go after my dreams. When I'm not “momming” (yes, it's now a verb) or working, I enjoy listening to podcasts, testing new recipes and watching anything Joanna Gaines is in.

Fun Facts:

  • Leopard print is a staple in her wardrobe.
  • Coffee Preference: Large Ice Latte with 2 pumps of caramel flavor, almond milk and 1 extra shot of espresso.
  • Favorite Song Right Now: All I Know So Far by Pink

Meet Sara

This is Sara. She is my "ride or die" and fact is that may end up being her official title with Poppyed... still debating. She and her husband Andy own 3 adorable dogs, Doug, Patty and Blue. Sara is awesome with our social media marketing and she makes some of the best TikTok videos!

Fun Facts:

  • She speaks fluently in movie quotes.
  • She enjoys trying new things and has lived a colorful life full of adventure.
  • Sara’s favorite past time is spending time with her nieces and nephew.