Poppyed Unscripted Ep. 69: The Lost Episode

Poppyed Unscripted Ep. 69: The Lost Episode

In this episode Lauren and Sara are recording from the patio outside. You get the ambiance from the wind which is somewhat soothing but at times deafening LOL.

This episode was recorded just a couple of weeks before the one-year anniversary of them recording their very first podcast episode. The girls reminisce on where they started and how far they have come. They discuss how where they want to be, they aren’t ready for it. It’s accepting where they are in the lifecycle of the business and using this opportunity to plan and let their creativity flow.

They discuss trolls and how they enjoy them because it just means that they are getting out into the universe. Which lead them down a path of discussing their views on not having to agree with everyone.

Per the usual, the girls really know how to go off on tangents.

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