The BEST, Most Family Friendly Meatloaf Recipe Ever!

The BEST, Most Family Friendly Meatloaf Recipe Ever!

No joke guys, this is the recipe that for the most part Sara and I grew up on; I may have tweaked a couple of things, but all in all it’s the only meatloaf recipe we make. Ok so here are the ingredients list, please note this recipe will make a large 9x13 casserole size pan of meatloaf, but I’m feeding a family of 5 and we enjoy some leftovers. The ratio of meat to soup is 1lb of meat to 1 can of soup.

Lauren’s Recipe:

  • 2lbs of 80x20 Ground Beef
  • 1lb Ground Pork
  • Salt to taste about 1tsp (ish)
  • Pepper to taste about 1tsp (ish)
  • Garlic Powder to taste about 1tsp (ish)
  • 2 Eggs
  • 1 cup of seasoned breadcrumbs
  • 2 Cans Campbell’s Vegetarían Vegetable Condensed soup
  • 1 Can Campbell’s Beef Vegetable Condensed soup

Easiest prep ever!

Preheat oven to 350 degrees F

In a bowl combine all the ingredients. There are no rules when it comes to seasoning your meat, do what you like and however much you like. I sprinkle until the divine tells me to stop with salt, black pepper and garlic powder.

Make sure your hands are clean because the only way to effectively mix this up is with your trusty hands. Mix until everything is thoroughly combined.

Mound meat into a 9”x13” glass casserole dish. I try to make it an even thickness throughout the dish of about 2ish inches. I round the edges so that the meat doesn’t touch the edges and it creates a moat to collect the fat as it bakes.

I bake this usually for about 50-65 minutes until the temp in the middle of the loaf reads 165 degrees F.

Here is the trick to meatloaf, you must let it sit and somewhat cool before cutting into it. If you cut too soon it will fall apart.

My family enjoys this with mashed potatoes, gravy (we usually use 2 brown gravy packets from McCormick and if I’m feeling extra I will through a drained can of mushrooms into the gravy of course with salt pepper and garlic powder). And we always offer a vegetable of some kind, my family loves peas, and carrots. Voila you have a hearty kid approved dinner that was so easy to make.

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