Lauren’s Hair Routine

Lauren’s Hair Routine

Ok, so if you have been around for a hot minute, you know that my hair has a legit mind of its own. It’s wild and crazy and it can never be completely tamed.

That said, one of the number one questions I get asked is how I do my hair. I will say that I do branch out and try new products all the time, but I always come back to what I know I like and works well with my hair. If you have curly, messy, textured hair like me you know as well as I do that what works for me may not work for you, so take this for what it is. This is strictly my routine.

First and foremost, I wash my hair usually once a week. Yes, I know for some people that sounds gross, but my hair can handle that, so at most I will wash it 2 times a week, but never more than that.

I use normal grocery store shampoo, right now I’m using Herbal Essences Rose Hips Shampoo and Conditioner. It just smells amazing, and it seems to work well with my hair.

Next, I have tried so many leave in conditioners/treatments because let’s face it, my hair needs extra hydration! I time and time again come back to It’s a 10 Coily Miracle Leave-In. I usually can find that at Ulta, some grocery stores care It’s a 10 brand, but finding the Coily collection can be tricky.

I only brush my hair after it has been washed and conditioned. I know that I’m supposed to say I comb my hair, I don’t, but I also don’t rip a brush through my hair…. Basically, condition twice which helps detangle. I condition and rinse in the shower and then condition once my hair is towel dried and run my fingers through my hair to make sure the tangles are broken up.
Now here is where it gets interesting LOL…

I prefer to use Tres Emme’s Curl Care mousse. Right now, I can only find it at Target in my area. At Target though they offer the bigger size which is my jam! After brushing through my hair, I will flip my head upside down and scrunch my hair with nothing but the conditioner in it. Once scrunched I will towel dry again and then load up my palm with mousse. I use quite a bit of product, don’t come for me, this works for me. I’m not a “dime size amount” person…. I’m a whole lot of EXTRA. Again, I flip my head upside down and scrunch my hair upwards with the product.

I will start scrunching my front curls that frame my face and then work my way back. Once I get to the middle of my head, I usually go back for another palm full of mouse. Once I’m sure that it was worked through most of my hair, I will then grab my towel and scrunch my hair with the towel again.

From there I will flip my hair back to normal, standing upright and I will scrunch one more time directing my hair how I want it. Then I let it sit. I want it to somewhat dry and develop a cast to it. A cast is when it starts to get that crunchy feeling, but it’s still wet. How long it takes to get to this point depends on how long and thick your hair is.

While I wait, I will do my normal morning stuff like ask the kids 18 million times if they have a water bottle in their bookbag, a snack picked out for school, shoes, and socks (why are socks a hard concept?!) on their feet and don’t forget, “did you brush your teeth?” “Seriously did you brush your teeth?” “It doesn’t look like or smell like you brushed your teeth!”
Once Jesus reveals his face and the kids are off on the bus, my hair usually has that crunchy cast to it. This is the point where I pull out the big guns! My Revlon hair dryer and diffuser that I have had since 2008 LOL! I call her old faithful. Let me tell you my husband has tried to buy me 2 hair dryers since we met in 2009 and I honestly keep going back to her since I like the size and weight of her. I know her time is coming, but for now I will continue to love and use her until I’m ready to let her go.

When diffusing my hair, I will for the front curls that frame my face while I’m still upright and this is so I can continue to direct them (the best that I can) in the direction I hope that they end up in, but like I said earlier, my beast of hair cannot be tamed. Once the front curls are mostly dry, I will flip my head upside down and use the diffuser directing my hair in the upward direction towards my scalp. This helps keep the volume that I like. This takes times and patience. You would think that my length of hair it shouldn’t take as long, but I’m particular about my hair and since I’m only doing this regimen once a week, I don’t mind taking my time.

Once my hair is dry, I will flip my head back up right and inspect. I love my hair being big, if volume isn’t your thing you may want to diffuse your hair in the upright position.

Finally (I’m sorry mother earth), but I love my aerosol hairspray. I use Tres Emme’s Tres 2 Extra Firm Control Hairspray. This I usually can find at the grocery store, drugstore, Target, and Walmart. U direct my hair where I want it and lord willing it cooperates, I spray it there. My dog Lucy doesn’t enjoy when I use the hairspray and will bark at me as a reminder to not use too much, sometimes I heed her advice other times I don’t. I let the lord tell me when to stop.

Who knew that it would take over 1000 words to tell you how I do my hair, but it did. So, there you have it. That is how my (aka Lauren’s) hair is done.

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